0-0-24 C K-Balance

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50 lb bag bag

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C K-Balance 0-0-24 Greens Grade Granular to strengthen and protect turf and amend soil

GRIGG CK-Balance 0-0-24 is a greens grade micro-granular that contains 24% soluble potash, 18% calcium and 8% sulfur. It is recommended for monthly, in-season use to maintain turf strength and vigor during periods of heavy use.

C K-Balance combines Calcium and Potassium.  It is part micronized limestone ground tiny enough to pass through a 200 mesh screen.  Calcium, unlike some other minerals, tends to stay put when applied.It is important, therefore, that the particles are very small in order to be deposited close to the feeder roots.  The other part of C K-Balance™ is sulfate of potash in its purest, natural form.It is harvested from solar evaporated ponds of the Great Salt Lake.

Designed to supply calcium and potassium to the root zone for soil conditioning and enhanced potassium availability.  The tiny particle size of this product helps increase the rate of soil reaction and physical enhancement.  Calcium is supplied with calcium carbonate with a Calcium Carbonate Equivalent (CCE) of 48%


C K Balance has all of the same great qualities as all GreenSpec products PLUS these unique qualities:

C K-Balance combines calcium and potassium in a greens grade granule to strengthen and protect turf from environmental stresses and heavy use.

Can be applied monthly as a management tool to maintain optimum potassium content and consistency in the rhizosphere.

CK Balance is one-half micronized limestone ground to a tiny particle size that can pass through 200 mesh.

C K-Balance is one-half sulfate of potash in its purest, natural form. It is harvested from solar evaporation ponds.
Nutrient release and subsequent plant uptake determined by microbial activity and will vary based on soil moisture, temperature, pH, and turfgrass species.

Traditional mined calcium and potassium fertilizers contain heavy metals in quantities that are unacceptable for GreenSpec granular products.  Brandt's calcium and potassium is formulated to minimize heavy metal contamination.


24.0% Soluble Potash (K2O)
18.0% Calcium (Ca)
8.0% Total Sulfur (S)
     (8.0% Combined Sulfur)
Derived From: Sulfate of Potash, calcium carbonate (CaCO3) Calcium Carbonate Equivalent (CCE) =48%.

Distributed by Grigg Brothers, a Brandt subsidiary.  Ships in 50 pound bags.

Part of the Golf Ventures Aerification Product list.