0-0-24 S K-Balance

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2 x 2.5 Gal

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Calcium is derived from gypsum in this product to provide a calcium amendment in soils with a pH above 7.0. 
S K-Balance is an excellent choice for managing soil sodicity, and the fine particle size will result in a more rapid soil reaction.



S K-Balance™ has all of the same great qualities as all GreenSpec™ products PLUS these unique qualities:

S K-Balance™ combines calcium and potassium in a greens grade granule to strengthen and protect turf from envrionmental stresses and heavy use.
Calcium is derived from gypsum (CaSO4). First choice in calcium amendment options when soil pH is greater than 7.0, or excess carbonate is present.
For use on sodic or saline soils to replace sodium (Na) with calcium (Ca) prior to flush. Can be applied monthly as a management tool to maintain optimum potassium and calcium content and consistency in the profile.
S K-Balance™ is one-half micronized gypsum ground to a tiny particle size that can pass through 200 mesh.
S K-Balance™ is one-half sulfate of potash in its purest, natural form. It is harvested from solar evaporation ponds.
Nutrient release and subsequent plant uptake determined by microbial activity and will vary based on soil moisture, temperature pH, and turfgrass species.
Traditional mined calcium and potassium fertilizers contain heavy metals in quantities that are unacceptable for GreenSpec granular products. Our calcium and potasssium are formulated to minimize heavy metal contamination.


In addition to the General Application Guidelines, use the following specific guidelines for this product:

Greens Grade
• FAIRWAYS & GREENS 3-4 lbs. / 1,000 ft² • 134-348 lbs./ Acre

Part of the Golf Ventures Aerification Product list


[notice class="approved"]24.0% Soluble Potash (K2O)
11.0% Calcium (Ca)
16.0% Total Sulfur (S)
     (16.0% Combined Sulfur)[/notice]

Derived From: Sulfate of Potash, Gypsum.

Part of the Golf Ventures Aerification Product list.

From Grigg Brothers.