16-4-8 Turf Rally

SKU: 1200GR50-BTG | Brand: Grigg Brothers

50 lb bag

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This is a new technology, protein-based granular fertilizer ideal for spring or summer fairway and tee applications. 
This product provides up to 12 weeks of controlled growth at a rate of 1 lb nitrogen per 1,000 square feet, excellent color and consistent results.



16-4-8 Turf Rally has all of the same great qualities as all GreenSpec products PLUS these unique qualities:

Formulated to produce a controlled and lasting color response. It conditions and improves nutrient depleted soils and is formulated to be ground water safe.
A special nitrogen (N) formula that works in 3 different ways - a small amount of ammoniacal nitrogen N (2%) gives a quick feeding and activates growth. A large percentage (11%) of water soluble, organic nitrogen quickly works its way into the soil where it provides continuous, even feeding. The smaller amount (3%) of water insoluble organic nitrogen, is a slow release form of N that feeds the turf for a longer period of time. This triple action formula offers sustained, even feeding (up to 8-12 weeks) that means more controlled growth with fewer grass clippings.
Contains micronutrients specially formulated with sugars called "sucrates". As a result, these micros are absorbed much more quickly than those in traditional lawn fertilizers.
Nutrient release and subsequent plant intake determined by microbial activity and will vary based on soil moisture, temperature, pH, and turfgrass species.


For detailed spreader setting guidlines, refer to our SPREADER SETTINGS documentation:

Water in thoroughly after application to help speed up breakdown.
Do not drag this product into aeration holes.
Do not apply to wet turf.

4-6.25 lbs. / 1,000 ft² • 174-272 lbs./ Acre.

3.13 lbs. / 1,000 ft² • 136 lbs./ Acre.



16.0% Total Nitrogen
     (2.0% Ammoniacal)
     (11.0% Water Soluble)
     (3.0% Water Insoluble)
4.0% Phosphate (P2O5)
8.0% Soluble Potash (K2O)
6.0% Calcium (Ca)
6.0% Total Sulfur (S)
     (6.0% Combined Sulfur)
3.0% Iron (Fe)
     (1.5% Water Soluble Iron)
0.2% Manganese (Mn)
     (0.08% Water Soluble Manganese)
0.1% Zinc (Zn)
     (0.04% Water Soluble Zinc)

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