Nutriculture Bermuda Special 25-5-20

SKU: F255202 | Brand: Plant Marvel
25 lb bag

Bermuda Specia 25-5-20 is recommended for use on tees, approaches and fairways, but its special balance of nutrients
works especially well on greens. Formulated to promote the maximum...

Nutriculture Bent Special 28-8-18

SKU: F28818 | Brand: Plant Marvel
25 lb bag

Nutriculture Bent Special 28-8-18 is an all water soluble fertilizer is specially formulated for use on Golf Courses, Athletic fields, and other areas where turf is intensely cultivated....

Nutriculture Hi-Cal Special 15-0-15 PLUS with 10.5% Calcium

SKU: HICAL345 | Brand: Plant Marvel
25 lb bag

Hi-Cal Special is a Spoon-feeding non acidifying ready source of available calcium and magnesium in a totally soluble form that is immediately available to the plant. It is recommended where maintenance...

Nutriculture Potash Special 10-20-30 Plus

SKU: POTASH18 | Brand: Plant Marvel
25 lb bag

An excellent late season fertilizer to hardy-up turf before winter stress sets in. Alleviates brown patch disease,
dollar spot and “melting out.” Restores balance to potash-deficient turf, for...


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