Fore 80WP Rainshield

SKU: FORE177 | Brand: DOW
8 x 4 x 1.5 lb


Active Ingredient:  Mancozeb - 80% 


Fore Rainshield 80 WP Specialty Fungicide, for use on turf and ornamentals, is a unique broad-spectrum fungicide...

PenncOzeb 75 DF (T&O)

SKU: PENNCOz109 | Brand: UPI
12 x 4 Lb


Proven chemistry for effective disease control, Penncozeb is a broad-spectrum, multi-site protectant fungicide suitable for apples, pears, potatoes and a variety of vegetable...

Terrazole 35WP

SKU: TERRAZO743 | Brand: OHP
6 x 2 lb

Active Ingredient:

Etridiazole 35%


35% Wettable Powder Turf & Ornamental Fungicide

Terrazole 35% WP is an effective soil fungicide for prevention and...


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