8-4-16 Endurance Greens Grade

SKU: 30049GRI050-BRA | Brand: Grigg Brothers

50 lb bag

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Greens grade fertilizer.

Grigg Endurance 8-4-16 contains three sources of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, secondary and micronutrients, sea plant extract and humic acid. It is recommended for in-season use to revitalize turf vigor and color. It is also ideal for fall application to prepare turf for winter.

The high potassium fraction contained in 8-4-16 is designed to provide excellent wear tolerance and stress tolerance, and is an ideal fertilizer for winter conditioning. The controlled release provided by the meal based technology gives consistent feeding and turfgrass response for 8-10 weeks at recommended rates. 

As with all GreenSpec products, be sure to water in thoroughly following application.


8-4-16 Endurance has all of the same great qualities as all GreenSpec products PLUS these unique qualities:

  • Contains soluble nutrients for efficient uptake and use
  • Formulated to revitalize and strengthen turf, as well as improve color. It conditions and improves depleted soils while protecting ground water from nutrient leaching and high heavy metal concentrations.
  • 8-4-16 Endurance is the ideal fertilizer for promoting wear tolerance and stress resistance. Apply early or late fall to maximize overwinter survivability.
  • 100% of the potassium source is Sulfate of Potash, derived from solar evaporation ponds. 
  • It has the lowest salt index of any raw potassium source.Offers sustained, even feeding and color for 8-10 weeks, with less frequent mowing.
  • Nutrient release and subsequent plant uptake determined by microbial activity and will vary based on soil moisture, temperature, pH, and turfgrass species.
  • Nitrogen promotes consistent turfgrass shoot growth
  • Soluble potassium is derived from sulfate of potash. Potassium regulates primary physiological processes that impact turf response to stress and supports cellular processes that impact photosynthesis, water regulation, respiration and protein production.
  • Calcium is important for cell wall strength


8.0% Total Nitrogen
     (2.0% Ammoniacal)
     (4.5% Water Soluble)
     (1.5% Water Insoluble)
4.0% Phosphate (P2O5)
16.0% Soluble Potash (K2O)
8.0% Calcium (Ca)
6.0% Total Sulfur (S)
     (6.0% Combined Sulfur)
3.0% Iron (Fe)
     (1.5% Water Soluble)
0.2% Manganese (Mn)
     (0.08% Water Soluble)
0.1% Zinc (Zn)
     (0.04% Water Soluble)
2.5% Humic acids derived from Leonardite
Derived from ammonium sulfate, monoammonium phosphate, urea, soybean meal, sulfate of potash, calcium carbonate, iron sucrate, manganese sulfate, manganese sucrate, zinc sucrate and kelp (Ascophyllum nodosum).

Distributed by Grigg Brothers, a Brandt subsidiary.  Ships in 50 pound bags.