Bayer Now Solutions - As Fall Approaches You Need Turf Solutions Now
Save Up to
25% Thru September 30, 2016

Enjoy individual program rebates, PAK savings of up to 25% and an additional Fall Solutions EOP Total Program Tier Rebate of up to 9%.*

•    Specticle®  FLO
•    Mirage®  Stressgard®  - $15/gal Rebate
•    Bayer Utility PAK – Save 25% vs. individual component products
•    Bayer Fairy Ring PAK – Save 10% vs. individual component products
•    Bayer Leaf Spot PAK – Save 12% vs. individual component products
•    Bayer Warm-Season Herbicide PAK – Save 8% vs. individual component products

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Product & Purchase Qualifications:
Must be a My Bayer Rewards member to participate. All agency products (Specticle FLO, Mirage Stressgard, Bayer Utility PAK, Bayer Leaf Spot PAK, Warm Season Herbicide PAK and Bayer Fairy Ring PAK) purchased during program period (August 1 - September 30, 2016) qualify for terms due 5/5/2017. Customer NOW Solutions + Fall Solutions cumulative purchase (August 1 - December 9, 2016) must exceed $2,500 to qualify for select product rebates and Total Program Rebates. PAK component quantities count toward select product rebate minimums but do not earn the select product rebate. Product purchases contribute toward the Fall Solutions program for rebate.

Rebates & Savings:
Rebates will be paid on sales price of the unit, excluding sales tax. Reward calculations are based on tiers reflecting the customers' total eligible product purchases (including bonus opportunities). PAK discounts calculated as % savings.

*Additional program rebate includes 1% Aug/Sept purchase bonus, 1% PAK purchase bonus and tiered Total Fall Solutions EOP Program Rebate based on cumulative purchase total. Rebates paid based on participant's My Bayer Rewards profile choice as of March 1, 2017 (Distributor Credit or Loyalty Points).