Advion Fire Ant Bait

SKU: ADVION012 | Brand: Syngenta

8 x 2 Lb

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Got Fire Ants?

Advion Fire Ant Bait provides unbeatable control of fire ants fast, providing total colony control in 24-72 hours including the queen.  After two applications, year-long colony control can be achieved. No other fire ant bait on the market compares to Advion in speed of control.

Key Features

Total colony control in 72 hours
Low use rates; 
    Broadcast treatment: only 1.5 lbs/A
    Mount treatment (0.5 oz) per mound
Effective on all life stages and active ingredient transfers  throughout the colony
Year round control and protection with one or two applications

Active Ingredient:    Indoxacarb

From Syngenta.