SKU: AGRIDEX109 | Brand: Helena

2 x 2.5 gal

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Agri-Dex is a blend of heavy range, paraffin-based petroleum oil and nonionic emulsifiers. Considered the industry standard of comparison, Agri-Dex is designed for use with a broad range of pesticides where a crop oil concentrate adjuvant is recommended.

  Excellent cuticle penetration
  Improves coverage and canopy deposition
  Reduces evaporation and volatilization
  Helps tank mix compatibility


*Principal Functioning agents:

Heavy range paraffinic oil, Polyol fatty acid esters, and Polyethoxylated derivatives thereof....99.0%
Constituents ineffectives as spray adjuvants.....1.0%

Surfactant Content....17.0%
Unsulfonated Oil Residue (UR) Value.......95.0% Minimum

*All Ingredients are accepted for use under CFR 40,180.
Contains Petroleum Distillates 





Download Turf Spray Adjuvant Guide (PDF)

Increase Herbicide / Fungicide / Insecticide Effectiveness & Use Less Product with Spray Adjuvant

Commonly used adjuvants types:

Wetting agents- allows wettable powders to mix with water.

Emulsifiers- allows petroleum based pesticides to mix with water.

Invert emulsifiers- allows water based pesticides to mix with a petroleum carrier.

Spreaders- allows pesticides to forma a uniform coating layer over the treated surface.

Stickers- Allows the pesticide to stay on the treated surface and no roll off.

Penetrants- Allows the pesticide to get through the outer surface to the inside of the treated areas. This is
commonly used when penetrating the thick gel of some water plants.

Foaming agents- Used to reduce drift so the pesticide stays in the target area.

Safeners- To reduce the toxicity of a pesticide formulation to the handler or treated surface.

Anti-foaming agents- Reduces the foaming of spray mixtures that require vigorous agitation.