SKU: APPEAR001 | Brand: Syngenta

2 x 2.5 gal

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Active Ingredient: 

Potassium Phosphite


Product Overview


Superior disease control with enhanced turf color and quality

Appear fungicide features two components that work together to improve summer stress tolerance, turf quality and control of both Pythium and anthracnose. 
The formulation is easy-to-mix and is highly compatible with Daconil Action and Secure fungicides. 
Appear provides outstanding turf color and turf safety – all more effectively than the Chipco Signature fungicide program.


Key Features

 Proprietary pigment provides a deeper green color 
 Contains a truly systemic mode of action with no known resistance that makes the active ingredient quickly available within the plant
 Exhibits excellent turf safety from a potassium phosphite even in extreme temperatures, unlike low pH fungicides
 Can be used with Daconil Action or Secure in a 14-day program on greens and tees

Key Benefits

 Enhanced color and turf quality during periods of environmental stress
 Excellent control of Pythium, anthracnose and summer stress complex
 pH neutral formulation allows Appear to mix easily with other products in any order
 When tank-mixed with Daconil Action, the combination provides two forms of protection both inside and outside of the plant