AQM Enhanced Kelp Pellets

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AQM Tougher Turf Pellets from Aqua-Aid
Kelp Extract with Soil Wetting Agents

AQM Tougher Turf is a highly refined “balanced for performance” product that contains the proper ratios of cytokinins and auxins.  This combination is beneficial to root establishment, development, and growth when sprigging or sodding.

Advanced Kelp Extract Formula
     • Encourages root development and root mass
     • Improves stress tolerance
     • Anchors sod and new sprigs
     • Provides relief from water deficit stress

AQM should be applied to turfgrass as a supplemental application to sound agronomic practices. When used as directed it provides:
     • Uniform movement of water into and through the soil matrix
     • Patterns of wetting and re-wetting that will improve the amount of water in the root's zone of absorption to meet transpirational and metabolic demands of the plant
     • Long lasting surfactant activity

Contains Non Plant Food Ingredients:
Active Ingredients
Kelp (Microbe Food) ……………. 1%
Non-ionic polyols …………….… 55%
Polyoxyalkylenes …………….… 44%
     (Non Phytotoxic when used as directed)