Argosy RF

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2 x 2.5 Gal

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Water-Soluble Polymer Adjuvant

Argosy RF, from Performance Nutrition is a water soluble, environmentally safe polymer adjuvant composed of inert ingredients.. When tank mixed with the appropriate pesticide it enhances wetting, adhesion, and facilitates foliar distribution. Argosy RF captures the active ingredient in a pesticide keeping it on the leaf even through rain events and irrigation.

Argosy RF is a unique adjuvant: 

As a STICKER – When sprayed, enhances the adhesion of spray droplets to the leaf.  It slows down degradation of chemical during irrigation or rainfall – acts as a rainfast protective coating.

As a SPREADER – When combined with a pesticide, encourages uniform coverage across the leaf. Decreases the water droplet size – the chemical will not bead up on the leaves. It’s water-smart – the material redistributes the encapsulated chemical application over new growth when the plant is wet

It’s ELASTIC – Meaning Argosy allows the material sprayed to stretch as the plant leaf grows, keeping the application of the pesticide on the plant longer. Fewer applications and longer efficacy.

It improves DROUGHT TOLERANCE – Argosy is a retention agent, it has the ability to bind with water. Helps plants hold onto moisture, even under extreme temperatures and period of drought.

It is RAINFAST – meaning it will not wash away during irrigation or during rainfall


Inert Ingredients …………… 4.32%
Water …………………………. 95.68%
Total ………………………….. 100.0%

Sold by the gallon  
Shipped in case of 2 x 2.5 gallons