Astro insecticide

SKU: CHASTRO1 | Brand: FMC Corporation

4 Gal

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Control your pests—and your spending. 

Looking for a solution that’s tough on pests but easy on your budget? Look to Astro insecticide. 
Astro insecticide provides excellent control of borers, beetles, leafhoppers, chinch bugs, cutworms and over 40 other damaging tree and lawn pests—without doing damage to your bottom line. In fact, Astro is one of the most cost-effective tree care products on the market when applied at labeled use rates. 

Formulated for quick knockdown and longer residual, Astro provides control long after other insecticides stop working. 
On trees, Astro insecticide penetrates into the bark and doesn’t wash away with rainfall or irrigation, ensuring borer and beetle control with increased staying power. More residual means fewer callbacks, which means even more savings for you. 

Astro insecticide may be applied with ground and aerial equipment. 
Its flexible label allows you to achieve cost-effective pest control with all kinds of accounts. 


Application Tips: 

    Apply Astro when insects appear or when you notice they’ve been feeding. 
     For foliar insect applications, apply 4 to 8 ounces per 100 gallons, completely covering foliage. 
    For trunk and stem applications to control borers and beetles, apply 1.0 to 5.3 quarts per 100 gallons, completely covering trunks and stems up to 10 feet from the ground. 


Adjuvant             Rate                    Water Volume
Kinetic                1pt/100gal            1.0 - 2.0 gal