Banol Fungicide

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1 Gallon

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Banol Fungicide for Management of Pythium Diseases of Turfgrass

Pythium turf diseases cause real problems for golf course superintendents. Three different diseases are caused by various Pythium species. Banol is an effective fungicide for all Pythium diseases. Rates and
application guidelines differ for each of these Pythium diseases.

Banol provides excellent preventative and curative control of Pythium Blight, caused by P. aphanidermatum and P. graminicola.

Because Banol has a multi-site mode of action, the potential for fungicide resistance is low. There has never been a documented case of Pythium resistance in turf.  Banol will control and prevent both foliar and root Pythium. Everywhere. (Pythium damping-off, Pythium blight, Pythium root rot)

There‚Äôs a reason Banol Fungicide leads the industry:
   Proven Pythium control
   Non-phytotoxic and safe on young seedlings
   Excellent control of cool-season Pythium root rot
   Ideal in rotational disease resistance programs

   Propamocarb hydrochloride*..................... 66.5%
   OTHER INGREDIENTS:................... 33.5%

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Manufactured by Bayer