Blue & White Checkered Flag Set Of 9 Tube Style

SKU: 8512-PAR | Brand: Par Aide Products Co.

Set of 9

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Engineered to maintain their good looks despite long exposure to wind and sunlight.

Par Aide golf flags feature:

  Improved steadfast colors, thanks to a patented DuPont process. 

  Stronger stitching, including bar-tacked corners and four rows of fly-hem stitching, ensures durability in high winds. 

  Lightweight 200 denier nylon construction makes flags sensitive to even gentle breezes, giving golfers a better determination of wind direction. 

  Tube-style and tie-style flags are available. 

  Unlike heavy sailcloth flags, ours minimize premature wear on sticks and cups, and decrease the chance of flagsticks being blown out of cups. 

Additional Par Aide Checkered Flags colors from Golf Ventures
Part NumberPart Description
8500Tie-Style; Red & White
8502Tube-Style; Red & White
8510Tie-Style; Blue & White
8512Tube-Style; Blue & White
8520Tie-Style; Black & White
8522Tube-Style; Black & White
8530Tie-Style; Black & Yellow
8532Tube-Style; Black & Yellow
8562Tube-Style; Green & White