Bonzi (Qt)

SKU: BONZI733 | Brand: Syngenta

6 X 1 Qt

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Bonzi is a plant growth regulator for use on ornamental plants grown in containers in nurseries, greenhouses, shadehouses and interiorscapes. Poinsettia, Chrysanthemum, Perennial Plants, Bedding Plants, Foliage Plants, Geraniums, Hibiscus, Azaleas, Bulbs.

A distinctive quality feature of Bonzi is that it has multiple sites of uptake. While a small amount may be taken in through leaves, it is primarily absorbed through the stems and roots.   Dispersed through the xylem, it moves to the terminals where it inhibits gibberellin biosynthesis and thereby reduces internode stretch.  The shortening of internodes is the result of smaller, more compact cells, which in turn leads to more compact plant growth.

Active Ingredient: