Brandt Blue Lagoon WSB

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Box of 50

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Blue Pond, Lake and Fountain Dye

Brandt Blue Lagoon W.S.B - 50 water soluble bags

Brandt Blue Lagoon W.S.B. enhances the natural beauty to ponds, lakes, fountains and lagoons, coloring them a natural, beautiful blue.

Brandt Blue Lagoon WSB is a safe and non-toxic colorant product designed to create natural, healthy looking environments in lakes, ponds, water hazards, or large fountains. Water treated with BRANDT BLUE LAGOON is a brilliant, natural color that does not appear to be artificial. Safe with fish, waterfowl and livestock,
treated water may be used for irrigation, swimming and other recreational sports.

The use of Blue Lagoon is simple and economical. Used as directed, Blue Lagoon is safe for use in irrigation ponds, without discoloring crops, turf, concrete, or other surfaces. Blue Lagoon will not disrupt fishing, swimming or irrigation once product has dispersed. However, do not swim, fish or irrigate from ponds treated with Blue Lagoon until the product has thoroughly dispersed.