Brandt Magnify (Surfactant and Water Conditioner)

SKU: 02006MAR100-BRA | Brand: Brandt

2 x 2.5 Gal

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Non Ionic Surfactant and Water Conditioning Agent
Water Conditioning Agent • Surfactant • Antifoaming Agent

BRANDT MAGNIFY enhances biological activity and increases leaf-surface penetration of herbicides,  defoliants, and desiccants (whose labels specify the addition of ammonium sulfate/nitrate and/or surfactants). These may include glyphosate-containing products, paraquat-containing products, sulfonyl urea herbicides, and others. It is formulated with ammonium salts, non-ionic surfactants and anti-foaming agents.

MAGNIFY may be used on agricultural, aquatic, forestry, turf and ornamental, industrial, and non-cropland sites.

  Contains a unique non-ionic surfactant derived from natural resources and is biodegradable
  Reduces spray droplet surface tension to less than 30 dynes/cm
  Stable over a wide pH range from 3.0 - 13.0
  Hydrotopic and coupling characteristics reduce viscosity and cold temperature solubility issues
 One gallon of contains 2 pounds of ammonium sulfate.

Principal Functioning Agents:
Oligomeric D-glucopyranose decyl octyl glycosides,
Ammonium sulfate, and Ammonium nitrate                51.02%
Constituents ineffective as spray adjuvant                  48.98%
Total                                                                           100.00%
Surfactant content                                                            21%

Manufactured by Brandt.  Sold as 2 X 2.5 Gallon Jugs.