Brandt Organiplex Micro Mix

SKU: 76877RN401-BRA | Brand: Brandt

2 x 2.5 Gal

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Liquid Complexed Micornutrients

BRANDT ORGANIPLEX MICRO MIX is recommended to prevent and correct nutrient deficiencies of turfgrass.  Brandt Micro Mix works wonders on its own, but it can also be used with other products such as fertilizers and pesticides.

Guaranteed Analysis
  Iron (Fe) . 2.0%
    2.0% Water soluble iron
  Manganese (Mn) . 2.0%
    2.0% Water soluble manganese
  Zinc (Zn) . 2.0%
    2.0% Water soluble zinc
Derived from iron amino acid complex, manganese amino acid complex, and zinc amino acid complex.

ORMI Listed, may be used in certified organic production.

Manufactured by Brandt. Ships in case of 2 X 2.5 gallon jugs.