Brandt Sequestar 13.2% Fe EDTA

SKU: 214957BRN048-BRA | Brand: Brandt

10 x 5 lb

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Water Soluble EDTA Chelated Iron (Fe)

Brandt Sequestar Iron 13.2% chelate is a water-soluble iron that is readily available to plants. It can be soil applied to prevent or correct iron deficiency (chlorosis).  The preferred use is as a soil application to prevent the deficiency although it may also be used as a foliar spray to provide correction when a soil application is impractical. 

Sequestar 13.2% Fe is recommended for use on acid and mildly alkaline soils.

Superior compatibility with:
    Almost all NPK fertilizers
    Thiosulfate solutions
    Orthophosphates, Polyphosphates
    High pH solutions
    Nitrogen and SRN solutions

Chelated to maximize uptake and foliar absorption.  

Guaranteed Analysis Iron (Fe) . . .  13.2% 
   13.2% Chelated iron
   Derived from iron EDTA.

Manufactured by Brandt.  Sold as case of 10 X 5 Lb bag of EDTA microgranules.