Brandt Sequestar 5.5% Mg EDTA

SKU: 214959BRN049-BRA | Brand: Brandt

10 x 5 lb

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Water Soluble EDTA Chelated Magnesium

Magnesium is an essential plant nutrient. It has a wide range of key roles in many plant functions. One of the magnesium’s well-known roles is in the photosynthesis process, as it is a building block of the Chlorophyll, which makes leaves appear green.

BRANDT SEQUESTAR 5.5% Mg is a fully chelated, water soluble, powdered form of magnesium EDTA and is recommended for the prevention and correction of magnesium deficiency in turfgrass. The preferred use is as a soil application to prevent the deficiency although it may also be used as a foliar spray to provide correction when a soil application is impractical.

Sequestar's EDTA Chelated Magnesium is more efficient than other forms of nutrients; up to 6x ratio in harsh soil conditions.  Superior compatibility with NPK fertilizers.

Guaranteed Analysis
 Magnesium (Mg) . . . . .. . . . 5.5%
    5.5% Chelated magnesium
    Derived from magnesium EDTA. 

Manufactured by Brandt.  Sold as 10 X 5 Lb bags.