Brandt Sequestar 6% Fe EDDHA

SKU: 21007BRN025-BRA | Brand: Brandt

10 x 5 lb

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Water Soluble EDDHA Chelated Iron (Fe)

BRANDT SEQUESTAR 6% Fe EDDHA is a water soluble form of iron EDDHA that is readily available to turf grass. It can be applied to prevent or correct iron deficiency (chlorosis). This product may be used at any time, but spring applications before the flush of growth recommended to provide iron when the plant’s need is greatest.

Chelated to maximize uptake and foliar absorption

Superior compatibility with:
    Almost all NPK fertilizers
    Thiosulfate solutions
    Orthophosphates, Polyphosphates
    High pH solutions
    Nitrogen and SRN solutions

BRANDT SEQUESTAR 6% Fe EDDHA may be applied in water or in combination with most pesticides.

Guaranteed Analysis
  Iron (Fe) . 6.0%
    6.0% Chelated iron
    Derived from ferric EDDHA.

Manufactured by Brandt.  Sold as case of 10 X 5 pound bags.