Calcium Complex 12% 2X2.5 Case

SKU: BTG177-BTG | Brand: Grigg Brothers

2 x 2.5 Gal

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This product is designed for use in sodic soils where a quick and effective remediation of sodium is required. Calcium Complex works faster than conventional calcium additions to the soil because it is formulated to resist precipitation. Best when used monthly where sodium is a problem, especially on sandy soils during the prime irrigation season.



Treatment of sodic soils depends on many factors, such as soil chemical and physical properties, the types of salt, and water quality. The soluble calcium (Ca) found in Calcium Complex 12% displaces Na on soil exchange sites to provide better soil structures as part of an effective sodium management strategy.
Ca Stabilizes soil as the dominant cation.
Provides plant available Ca, an essential secondary macronutrient, particulary on sandy soils.
Soluble Ca subsitutes with soil Na, increasing Na solubility and subsequent leaching as sodium sulfate (NaSO4)
Soluble Ca interacts with carbonates, bicarbonates, or sulfates in soil solution and/or irrigation water to effectively limit precipitation of calcium/magnesium carbonate (lime).
Readily available form of calcium nutrition for turf
Strengthens plant membranes
Enhances root growth
Improves soil structure



12.0% Calcium (Ca)

Derived From: Calcium Glucoheptonate

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