cap only CP25611-6-NY-SSC

SKU: CP25611-6-NY-SSC | Brand: Chemical Containers


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cap only CP25611-6-NY-SSC  

CP25611-6-NY Quick TeeJet Cap Only (Yellow)

For use with TeeJet Flat Spray Tips (Smaller Capacities). TP -0067 Thru -08, XR -01 Thru -08, DG TeeJet, TT, Turbo TwinJet, AIXR TeeJet, OC TeeJet -01 Thru -08.

The Quick TeeJet caps are designed with grooves that fit locating lugs on the nozzle body. Caps are made of Nylon and are available for use with all TeeJet spray tips. Maximum operation pressure is 300 psi (20 bar).