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Clearcast is a unique aquatic herbicide that controls both submersed and emergent weeds in and around ponds, lakes, reservoirs, wetlands, ditches, canals, and other aquatic sites. 


Features and Benefits

Pre-emergence and post emergence use patterns

Labeled for pre-emergent application to drawdown irrigation canals
Favorable human health and environmental toxicity profile
Only aquatic herbicide exempt from food crop tolerance designation (U.S. EPA)


Drawdown Application

Apply Clearcast as a broadcast spray at rates up to 1 gallon (128 ounces) per acre or as a spot spray treatment with up to 5% Clearcast by volume. Applications should be made when water has receded and exposed soil is moist to dry. When treating irrigation canals, the initial flush of recharge water after application must not be used for irrigation purposes. 

Foliar Applications

To make foliar applications targeting emergent weeds, uniformly apply with a calibrated broadcast or spot treatment equipment in 10 or more gallons of water per acre. Spot treatments can be made up to 5% Clearcast herbicide by volume.
There are no irrigation restrictions on allowable sites for the use of treated water from flowing waters, such as irrigation canals with an average depth of 4 or more feet, for application to emergent weeds


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