COMAND 100% Compost (Fine 1/8")

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Super Fine 1/8' Particle Size.  For greens topdressing and other fine particle applications.

Delivered by Dump truck (Minimum order 20 Yards)

COMAND® is a one-of-a-kind organic soil amendment, which was developed through gaining a broad understanding of the many environmental and economic challenges faced by turfgrass managers today.  Weather, soil quality, a shrinking selection of pesticides, irrigation restrictions, fertilizer blackouts, rising public interest in sustainable alternatives to harsh chemicals, and tightening maintenance budgets, are all set to shape the way in which turfgrass is managed now and in the future.  

What Makes COMAND Compost so unique? COMAND is derived from the high temperature, aerobic decomposition of organic residuals under strictly controlled conditions. The use of Harvest Quest’s proprietary inoculant and Life Soils unique Modified Static Aerobic Pile (MSAP) composting process allows bacterial densities to increase optimally.  Resulting in the production of superior-quality compost carefully processed to maintain excellent soil building attributes.

One gram of the organic matter in COMAND contains millions of aerobic bacteria and actinomycetes, miles of fungi and hundreds of thousands of protozoa. These groups of living organism will return a diversity of life to the soil and serve a critical function metabolizing nutrients. They play and important role in the decomposition of organic matter, not only contained within the compost, but also inducing the breakdown of the turf’s thatch layer.  

Studies have shown COMAND compost, when compared to those produced using traditional methods provides the turf manager with a host of practical benefits, saving work time and costs and improving the playing surface. COMAND can be incorporated into your turf establishment and maintenance programs all season long and will typically show results within a few days.

Direct Benefits of COMAND

COMAND adds high quality organic matter to the rootzone. 

  • Supplies stabilized organic matter
  • Increases moisture infiltration and permeability
  • Improved water holding in light soils, providing greater drought resistance and more efficient water utilization
  • Improves the soils ability to hold nutrients
  • Aids in thatch reduction

Fix weak areas, high traffic areas, bunker faces
Mix with sand and make your own topdressing or divot mixes
Over seeding preparation
Annual planting beds
Establishing turf or new sod
Provide a long lasting carbon source

Use COMAND Compost everywhere and anywhere – any garden or turf grass area.

Amount Needed
  1,000 - 1,500 lbs of Comand Compost per acre when applied straignt

Part of the Golf Ventures Aerification Product list.


Other Spellings:  Comand Compost, Command Compost


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