COMAND 40 X 45lb Bags (1/8in Pure Compost) Pallet

SKU: COMAND 1/8 100-LIF | Brand: Life Soils

Pallet (40 Bags)

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Shipped as pallet of 40 bags.  

Ready to try COMAND®? Consider 45 pound bags of pure 1/8 inch pure organic COMAND compost. Its easty to move around - so you can use it anywhere. Mix with sand and apply to weak spots on greens. Apply straight to problematic tee box and fairways. Create a custom Divit Mix. Also fantastic in annual planting beds.

This new product from Life Soils is taking the industry by storm! For just a little more than normal topdressing, you can "Take COMAND of Your Turfgrass".

COMAND is a special organic product derived from a proprietary composting process. COMAND adds high quality organic matter to soils and turf media, increasing its quality and long term success.

COMAND Compost provides the following benefits:

  • COMAND adds high quality organic matter to the rootzone
  • Supplies stabilized organic matter
  • Increases moisture infiltration and permeability
  • Improved water holding in light soils, providing greater drought resistance and more efficient water utilization
  • Improves the soils ability to hold nutrients
  • Aids in thatch reduction

In practical terms, the degradation of thatch (organic material) and its conversion to humus (organic matter) and humic compounds provides the turf manager with a host of practical benefits, saving work time and costs and improving the playing surface.

100% natural materials used in Comand.  Manufacturing process ensures chemical and weed free, consistent product.  For more information on Comand, click here.

Product Applications 
COMAND can be utilized as the organic component of a sand-based rootzone media for golf course and sports field construction. The product can also be incorporated into existing soils to greatly improve characteristics and accelerate turf establishment for parks and home lawns.

COMAND can be utilized for topdressing fairways, tees, greens, sports fields, lawns, and as a component of divot mixes. It will encourage consistent growth and regeneration of damaged turf, boost performance in weak areas, improve strength and rate of germination when overseeding, can accelerate transition from winter dormancy, and will hold moisture in potentially problematic dry areas, such as mound tops and bunker faces.

If you are looking for Command Organic Compost in bags, but typed in the wrong search term, you are in the right place.