COMAND MYCRO-MULCH (Coarse 3/4 Inch)

SKU: COMAND 3/4 100-LIF | Brand: Life Soils


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Mulching Comand - coarse 3/4 inch particle size. Sold by the yard (minimum 20 yards)

Mycro-Mulch is a mature and natural mulch product developed to promote healthy plant growth, conserve moisture, enhance visual appeal of an area, and help to suppress weeds.

Unlike traditional mulches, which are typically derived from raw wood products, Mycro-Mulch is stabilized through the use of a proprietary composting process, known as the MSAP Method, developed by Harvest Quest.

Mycro-Mulch has a much lower Carbon to Nitrogen (C:N) Ratio and will not rob the soil of nitrogen. In fact, it enhances both soil and plant health by providing organic matter, retaining water, improving nutrient holding capabilities, increasing populations of beneficial microbes, improving aeration, water infiltration, and plant root development.  

If mulch doesn't stay in place, it can quickly become a nuisance.  Mycro-Mulch will “bind” to the ground underneath, and will not be washed away from its original location due to participation or irrigation.

The product is carefully processed through several phases of curing to maintain excellent soil building attributes  – the Power of COMAND®

Benefits of Mycro-Mulch

 Helps to control weeds
 Conserves moisture
 Regulates soil temperature
 Improves soil structure
 Encourages vigorous root growth
 Aids the proliferation of soil microbes
 Enables soils to retain nutrients (improves CEC)
 Supplies organic matter

The presence of soil organisms is essential for productive soils and healthy plants. The organic matter in Mycro-Mulch adds high quality organic matter to soil, increasing its quality and long-term success

How Much Do I Need?
Application depth Volume Required per 1,000 sq ft
  2 inch 6.4 Cu/Yards
  3 inch 9.6 Cu/Yards
  4 inch 12.8 Cu/Yards

Directions for Use

New planting beds: Apply a 2 to 4 inch layer on the soil surface between plants after planting.

Existing beds: Apply 1 to 2 inches of Mycro-Mulch to replenish mulch annually or as and when required.

When applying any kind of mulch be careful to leave some space around the plant crown, or tree base. If you pile any kind of mulch up against the crown, the bark may soften and start to rot.