Conserve (SC) (Qt)

SKU: CONSERV581 | Brand: DOW

4 X 1 Qt

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Active Ingredient: 

    Spinosad (including Spinosyn A and Spinosyn D) - 11.6% 

Conserve SC Turf and Ornamental is a specialty insecticide that makes use of Spinosad as the active ingredient. 

Spinosad is made as a result of a fermentation of a naturally occuring organism which gives you the benefit of using a biological pest control product and the effectiveness of a synthetic.

Conserve SC works quickly to kill listed pests and reduce the damage being done to turf and plants. Whether you are operating a nursery or greenhouse; are an arborist, lawn care professional, or golf course superintendent Conserve SC will provide effective control of pests without damaging listed ornamentals or turfs.

Conserve SC is low odor, very active at low use rates, and a four hour WPS re-entry interval (REI).