Copper Sulfate Fine 30

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50 lb bag

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Copper Sulfate Fine 30

Get that crystal clear pond or lake you have always dreamed of by using Copper Sulfate as an algaecide to control the Filamentous and Planktonic algae in your water.  Finally get rid of that nasty swimmers itch and enjoy the water once more.

Discovered in the early 1900's Copper Sulfate has been used for effective algae control in lakes, ponds, ditches, pools, golf course water hazards and irrigation routes. Its blue colored granules broadcast evenly or you can dilute it in water for even distribution.

Copper Sulfate crystals work by binding to the proteins in fungi and algae causing them to leak and die off.  It is most effective when used on the bottom mats and first application should be performed as early in the season as possible to kill off existing shoots and prevent others from sprouting.

Copper Sulfate is not as effective in hard water as chelated products and is also toxic to fish in soft water areas.  It is corrosive to metal equipment, thus it should be used with caution. Apply 2.7 lbs. per acre foot of water. There are no restrictions on immediate water usage.


  25% Copper Compound
  Effective against Filamentous, Branched and Planktonic Algae
  Easy to Spread Blue Crystals
  NSF Certified Algaecide Product

Active Ingredient

  Copper Sulfate Pentahydrate 99.0%
  Other Ingredients 1.0%