Country Club MD is an innovative fertilizer from LebanonTurf developed to provide superior turf quality and golf course playability. It is uniquely formulated to consistently deliver the optimum nutrients and stress-buffering biostimulants that your putting greens need to stay healthy all season long.

Country Club MD

• Utilizes a unique, highly dispersing homogeneous granule technology

• Contains the stress-buffering biostimulants sea plant kelp meal and humic acid

• Features Meth-Ex® slow release, methylene urea nitrogen

• SGN 80-100 particle size is ideal for putting greens

Meth-EX Slow Release Nitrogen is a multi-chain length, methylene urea nitrogen source that delivers consistent, extended release nutrition when the turf needs it most. This high-activity nitrogen delivers excellent color response and maximum long-term feeding.

Country Club MD contains both sea plant kelp meal and humic acid which help the turf grass plant achieve optimum performance by preparing it for the onset of stressful conditions. Turf treated with sea plant kelp meal and humic acid will outperform untreated turf in overall quality and playability during stressful conditions.

The high-quality humic acid to serve as a soil microbial stimulator and organic chelator for today’s high-sand content putting greens where organic matter is often extremely low. This organic biostimulant improves the turf plant’s overall ability to take up nutrients for a longer period of time and offers multiple plant and soil health benefits.

Country Club Greens Grade Fertilzer at Golf Ventures

Country Club MD 12-0-24 65% Meth-Ex SGN 80

Country Club 16-0-30 50% Meth-Ex 40 SOP SGN 100

Country Club MD 14-7-14 70% Meth-Ex SGN 80

County Club 18-3-18 78% Meth-Ex 40 1.5% Fe SGN 80


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