Curfew Soil Fumigant

SKU: Curfew001 | Brand: DOW

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Curfew soil fumigant is a superior liquid soil fumigant for the management of nematodes available for use in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina on golf course putting greens, fairways and tees, and also on athletic fields. Curfew soil fumigant dissipates rapidly and must be custom applied by authorized operators.

With Curfew, turf managers will notice healthier, enhanced root development and fewer predator problems. Golf enthusiasts will notice improved playability and better looking turf.

  Works as highly effective soil fumigant for the management of turf-damaging nematodes
  Is active by contact exposure
  Can be used on greens, fairways, roughs and tee complexes
  Is applied by authorized applicators with approved equipment
  Has fewer treatment restrictions than other nematicides
  Is not subject to enhanced microbial degradation

Active Ingredient: 1,3-Dichloropropene