Cutless 0.33% Granular (Bag)

SKU: CUTLESS011 | Brand: Sepro

21 Lb Bag

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Landscape professionals can rely on the easy-to-apply Cutless Granular formulation to reduce annual labor costs of maintaining established landscaped perennial hedges, shrubs and ground covers. 

Cutless 0.33G Landscape and Ornamental Growth Regulator is a growth regulator for perennial ground covers and woody ornamentals.  

Cutless 0.33G Landscape Growth Regulator works systemically to suppress terminal growth resulting in a more compact plant growth, less trimming, and in some species intense greening and smaller leaves. 

Cutless 0.33G Landscape Growth Regulator is absorbed by the roots and translocated to leaves and stems.


Active Ingredients:

Flurprimidol: a-(1-methylethyl)-a-[4-(trifluoromethoxy)-phenyl]-5-pyrimidinemethanol....0.33%