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2 x 2.5 Gal Case

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DewCure was developed to reduce excess leaf moisture caused by dew, guttation, rain, irrigation, and frost. Control is achieved by inhibiting moisture accumulation and by promoting faster drying following the introduction of moisture. This multi-use product helps to prevent or suppress turfgrass diseases that are dependent on leaf moisture to grow, including dollar spot, and anthracnose.

DewCure is formulated to adhere directly to the leaf surface, providing long-lasting moisture inhibition. Once bonded, DewCure will not wash off as surfactants do, but instead will cover the leaves with a water-resistant coating that is durable once dry.

Active Ingredient: Oxirane-methyloxirane 100%

Product Benefits

Suppress dew and moisture accumulation

DewCure limits the ability of water to form and remain on leaf surfaces. The thin coating on the leaf allows water to run off the leaf minimizing the time that moisture is present. DewCure will remain on the leaf until removed by cutting or is grown out.

Faster drying following rain or irrigation

On tests done at Rutgers University, turf treated with DewCure dried significantly faster after rain and irrigation. Even two weeks after application, DewCure treated turf still showed less than 50% moisture in the turf canopy compared to un-treated control.

Moisture management to reduce disease pressure

Although DewCure is not a fungicide, it has shown in numerous university research studies the potential to reduce the occurrence of turf diseases that require leaf wetness for pathogen growth. Studies on dollar spot showed significant delay in the onset of the disease when DewCure was applied in advance of disease onset.

Pretreatment for aerification and topdressing

Use of DewCure prior to aerification and topdressing provides for a faster and cleaner process. It reduces available moisture typically absorbed by aerification plugs, as well as enabling sand to better work its way into the turf canopy after topdressing, providing a quicker return to ideal playing conditions and less wear on mowers.

Drier playing conditions for tournament play

Incorporating DewCure into a tournament preparation regime, whether it be for a club championship, a member/guest outing or a professional event, will produce a drier playing surface that players will notice and appreciate. Numerous professional tour events have used DewCure for this purpose, and recently the Philadelphia Phillies utilized DewCure for preparing the field for the World Series.

Light frost control

DewCure has been shown to reduce the formation of light frost and encourage faster meltdown after heavy frost. As growth rates are slower during periods of likely frost, product longevity during this period normally ranges from one to three weeks, depending on mowing frequency. It is not recommended to use DewCure on turf in or approaching winter dormancy.