DGTJ60-11006VS Stainless Steel Visiflo Drift Guard TwinJet Tip

SKU: TJ60-11006VS-SSC | Brand: Chemical Containers


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  • Dual 110degree tapered edge
  • Flat fan spray patterns spraying 60degree forward to back providing uniform coverage in broadcast spraying applications
  • DG Twinjet offers larger droplets and improved drift control compared to a standard Twinjet of equal capacity
  • Dual angled spray patterns help to better penetrate crop canopy and provide thorough leaf coverage
  • Made of stainless steel with VisiFlo color-coding for excellent chemical and wear resistance
  • Removable polymer pre-orifice
  • Pressure rating 30-60PSI
  • Coarse droplet size only at 30PSI
  • Medium droplet size from 35-60PSI
  • 0.26GPM Capacity of one nozzle