Diaphragm Check Valve Nozzle Body 19350-212-540-NY-SSC

SKU: 19350-212-540-NY-SSC | Brand: Chemical Containers


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QJ200 Series Diaphragm Check Valve Quick TeeJet Nozzle Assembly

Fits 1/2" Hose ID, Double Hose Shank

Available with single, double and triple hose shanks for 3/8", 1/2" & 3/4" ID Hose.

Drip-free shutoff with TeeJet ChemSaver. Opens at 10 psi. Standard diaphragm is EPDM, Viton optional.

Maximum operating pressure of 125 psi.

Flow Rate: 2.25 gpm at 5 psi pressure drop, 3.18 gpm at 10 psi presure drop.