Ditera DF (Bag)

SKU: DITERA488 | Brand: Valent

2 x 10 Lb Bag

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DiTera DF

DiTera provides protection against plant-parasitic nematodes that damage grape, vegetable, fruit and nut crops. DiTera protects the plant from nematode damage, allowing for healthy root development, efficient uptake of nutrients and water, optimum plant growth and sustainable economic yields.

Through its unique mode of action, DiTera consistently accomplishes this without having detrimental impact on the environment. DiTera has an excellent mammalian and non-target toxicity profile. DiTera DF, a dry flowable formulation, can be used to control nematodes on grapes, pineapples, nut crops, pome fruit, stone fruit, citrus, leafy vegetables and brassica crops.

How DiTera Works

  DiTera's chemistry is based on the fermentation of a naturally occurring microorganism (Myrothecium spp.).

  The product prevents damage due to root-knot, cyst, lesion, stubby-root, citrus, burrowing, sting and other plant-parasitic nematodes.

  Applied twice a year in permanent crops, DiTera improves plant vigor and quality, giving you added defense against all forms of plant damaging nematodes.

Active Ingredient 

  Myrothecium verrucaria strain AARC-0255 fermentation solids and solubles 90%
  Other Ingredients 10%