Diuron 4L

SKU: TIDIREX | Brand: Drixel Chemical

2 x 2.5 gal

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Active Ingredient: diuron - 40% 



The Drexel Diuron 4L Herbicide is specially formulated to be effective control of many leaf weeds as well as annual and perennial grasses.
It features granules that can be easily mixed with water and then applied as a spray for specific control on harvest or non-harvest land. 
The Diuron 4L herbicide is not corrosive to equipment and is certified as non-flammable. 

Diuron 4L can be applied prior to the growth or the presence of weeds. Diuron 4L, applied as a pre-emergence and post emergence of the crop and weeds, is an effective method because weeds are controlled in an early, weak seedling state before they compete with the harvest. 
With favorable moisture conditions, this product continues to control weeds for some time as the harvest becomes stronger and able to compete.
If weeds begin to break through the pre-emergence treatment, other weed control methods should be done. These include cultivation and post emergence herbicide applications.