SKU: CHDIURONDF | Brand: Drixel Chemical

10 x 5 lb

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Active Ingredient:
    Diuron:3-(3,4-dichlorophenyl)-1,1-dimethylurea....... 80.0%


For control of many annual and perennial grasses and herbaceous weeds


Diuron 80DF applied before emergence of crop and weeds is an effective procedure because susceptible weeds are controlled in an early, vulnerable seedling stage before they compete with the crop. With favorable moisture conditions, Diuron 80DF continues to control weeds for some time as the crop becomes better able to compete. Should weed seedlings begin to break through the pre-emergence treatment in significant numbers, secondary weed control procedures should be implemented; these include cultivation and post-emergence herbicide application.


Diuron 80DF is not to be used on turfgrass at residential sites (including homes, apartment complexes,

condominium grounds, daycare facilities, schools, parks, recreational areas, and sports fields).


Diuron 80DF may be applied to soil prior to emergence of weeds to control susceptible weed seedlings for an extended period of time. The degree of control and duration of effect will vary with the amount of chemical applied, soil texture, rainfall, and other conditions. Soils high in clay or organic matter require higher dosages than soils low in clay or organic matter for equivalent herbicide performance. Moisture is required to activate the herbicide. Best results occur if rainfall (or sprinkler irrigation) occurs within 2 weeks of application.


Diuron 80DF may also be used to control emerged weeds. Results vary with rate applied and environmental conditions. Best results are obtained on succulent weeds growing under conditions of high humidity and temperature of 70°F or higher. Addition of a surfactant to the spray (where recommended) increases contact effects of Diuron 80DF.