DIY Mole Cricket Program

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Do it yourself Mole Cricket and Grub Program 

Apply mid-March through mid-May,  when grubs or nymphs are present.  Effective against other listed insects as well.

About $32.50 per acre for 50 and 100 acre programs - save 10% vs purchasing products individually.

Pallet Program Contains:
Imidacloprid 2F Select TI Insecticide
Bifen G/N 7.9F Select
PS 804 Select

Shipped as 100 acre or 50 acre pallet program.

Bifen G/N 7.9F Select is an odorless, non-irritating to skin, non-phytotoxic residual insecticide that will give you superior, long lasting control. The active ingredient, bifenthrin, not only has a wide range of pests controlled but is approved for use on golf courses and sod farms.  Used as a preventative treatment for larval control for such pests as White Grubs, Mole Crickets, Black Vine Weevil, Japanese beetle.

Imidacloprid 2F Select T/I  provides superintendents with a critical tool in their efforts to protect turfgrass and ornamentals.  Introduced into the U.S. market in the early 1990’s, the active ingredient Imidacloprid has repeatedly demonstrated its reliability and value to Turfgrass Professionals.

PS 804 Select combines the effects of a surfactant, penetrant, acidifier & deposition aid in one convenient, economical formulation. Engineered to increase the coverage on a target surface area and penetration through waxy or weather hardened cuticles, PS 804 Select ensures more complete uptake of the applied active ingredient. PS 804 Select delivers economy by adding penetrating and acidifying qualities to a traditional deposition aid. It is also extremely user friendly with its ability to disperse in cold water.

Do it Yourself Golf Ventures / Select Source Mole Cricket and Grub Spray Program
For 100 Acre Package:
     20 gallons of Imidacloprid
     31 gallons of Bifenthrin G/N
     12.5 gallons of PS804
Shipped on single palette.
Normal Application Rate:
26 oz/acre rate………..Imidacloprid 
40 oz/acre rate………..Bifenthrin G/N 
16 oz acre rate…………PS 804 Surfactant

Please note: With the resulting global shortage of a number of insecticides due to new Chinese regulations, we have seen a significant price increases over the last few months on imidacloprid and bifenthrin.