Doxem IG (Shaker Jug)

SKU: 82701021-QUA | Brand: Quaili Pro

4 Lb Shaker

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Use sites
Public and institutional landscaped areas, golf courses, parks, recreational areas, and sports and/or athletic fields

Insects Controlled
Mole Crickets as well as other cricket species, roaches, silverfish and nuisance ants

Active Ingredients: Indoxacarb 0.22%, Novaluron 0.1%

How it Works
Indoxacarb stops sodium ions from entering nerve cells. This causes paralysis and ultimately death. Insects affected by indoxacarb will stop feeding and show lack of coordination or paralysis.

Novaluron is a chitin synthesis inhibitor (CSI). This active ingredient interferes with the ability of the insect to produce chitin, an important part of the exoskeleton and causes abortive molting.

• Does not require spray equipment<br>
• Does not degrade with rain or irrigation<br>
• Extremely safe, with no PPE requirements<br>
• No odor, no unsightly large granules<br>
• Lasts up to 14 days after application</p>


Manufactured by Control Solutions / Quali-Pro. 4 pound shaker jug.  Also available in 25 pound bags.