EarthWorks Organic Products Now Available from Golf Ventures

EarthWorks Organic Products Now Available from Golf Ventures Golf Ventures 3/23/2018 9:08:10 AM

Golf Ventures is now offering EarthWorks liquid and granular organic fertilizers for golf courses and sports turf. These carbon-based, biologic products have proven extremely effective in leveling the peaks and valleys of soil fertility, providing consistent growth and reduced expenses for property owners. EarthWorks has been manufactured since 1988 and has a strong, scientific reputation in the industry.

Glen Thompson, Golf Ventures Sales Manager, has announced that natural, organic liquid and granular fertilizers manufactured by EarthWorks are now available in the company’s product catalog. “We needed an organic, carbon-based product, and they have demonstrated positive results in the industry,” he said. “Golf Ventures is always conscious of environmental issues, so this fits with our product portfolio and direction as a company.”

EarthWorks founder and developer Joel Simmons described his products’ benefits: “We focus on the processes of biologic soil management. Biologic products mobilize nutrients better; use minerals better; buffer against sodium damage; and fight disease, insects, weeds, and thatch. It also holds water better.” Simmons added that the liquid and granular applications are designed to work together to deliver a steady feed to turf.

Popular EarthWorks products include:
• Replenish 5-4-5, a complete plant and soil food and the flagship of the EarthWorks product line. Soil re-mineralization is an important focus of the Replenish line, feeding the soil as well as the plants. 5-4-5 is an all-purpose Formulated Natural Organic fertilizer that can be used for any turf or ornamental application and does not burn or cause salt build up. 
• Renovate/Plus is ideal for turf recovery and greens aerification. It has been the amendment program of choice for hundreds of golf courses, as well as professional sports stadiums and other athletic fields.
• Myco-Replenish 3-3-3 adds root-stimulating endo and ecto mycorrhizae fungi to Replenish natural organic fertilizers. Myco-Replenish is ideal for any landscape planting situation, establishment of grass seed or sod, and enhances soil aerification practices.

For complete information on the Golf Ventures line of EarthWorks products, visit:

In addition to high-quality products, Simmons and his team will offer Soil First Academies to educate the Golf Ventures sales force and clients about biologic soil processes. The classes cover such topics as how to read a soil test, how soil works, and what biologics are and how they work. “Any time you add an educational component, it benefits the industry,” said Thompson. Academy schedules will be available through Golf Ventures Sales Representatives. 
Simmons chose to partner with Golf Ventures, because “We are a team of agronomists, and our company adage is: balance the chemistry and feed the soil. We like to find business partners with a similar focus, who understand more than fertilizer. Glen has a strong team at Golf Ventures, with a solid background in agronomy.” 

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