Echo 720

SKU: ECHO634 | Brand: Sipcam Agro

2 x 2.5 gal

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Active ingredient: Chlorothalonil 

Key Benefits

Proven, weatherproof contact fungicides protect agricultural crops, fruits, nuts and conifers from a broad spectrum of disease pathogens.
Control soybean rust, Alternaria spp., Cercospora spp., leaf spot, anthracnose, Helminthosporium leaf blights, downy mildew and other diseases.
Resistance is not found or documented.
Ideal for use with other fungicides to manage their resistance and expand their disease control spectrum.
Natural adhesion to plant surface.
Tank mix compatible with glyphosate when applied to Roundup Ready® soybeans.
Echo 720 is labeled for use on almonds to control shothole, scab, anthracnose, brown rot, blossom and twig blight.
Can be used in conjunction with Contans.

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Adjuvant             Rate                    Water Volume
Kinetic                1pt/100gal            1.0 - 2.0 gal