Element 3A (Gal)

SKU: ELEMENT004 | Brand: DOW

2 x 2.5 gal

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Active Ingredient: Triclopyr Butoxyethyl ester 44.4%



Element 3A Herbicide is the liquid ester formulation for foliar and basal bark applications, and is effective on actively growing brush by penetrating the bark and entering the cambium layer. 
Also effective as a late-season application.


    Broad-spectrum brush and broadleaf weed control
    Translocates to control the entire plant — shoots and roots
    Nonvolatile amine formulation, 3 lbs. a.i./gallon
    Selective to warm- and cool-season right-of-way grasses including fescue, brome and native grass species
    Labeled for foliar applications, as well as applications to emerged weeds and brush in standing water or on banks and shores of ponds or lakes found on rights-of-way or production forests
    Rainfast within two hours
    Available in returnable, refillable containers through Continuum Prescription Control & Container Management System