Fusilade DX (Gal)

SKU: FUSILAD244 | Brand: Syngenta

4 x 1 Gal

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Active Ingredient:


Fusilade DX herbicide offers superior post-emergence weed control for cotton and soybean crops, among others. 
Fusilade DX works in all tillage situations and readily tankmixes with a variety of broadleaf herbicides. 
With its quick mode of action, Fusilade DX takes command over problem weeds, helping to ensure a clean harvest.



Product Highlights

 Controls annual and perennial grass through systemic activity
 Readily tankmixes with glyphosate and most broadleaf herbicides
 Selective post-emergence herbicide with excellent crop safety
 Effective weed control in both conventional tillage and no-till plantings
 Offers alternative mode of action to glyphosate
 Is a Resistance Fighter Brand

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