Global Turf Equipment Adds Golf Ventures International as Caribbean Sales Agent

Global Turf Equipment Adds Golf Ventures International as Caribbean Sales Agent Golf Ventures 8/13/2017 11:09:08 AM

 (SAN ANTONIO, Fla.) – Global Turf Equipment (GTE) – the world's largest independent seller and exporter of pre-owned golf course equipment – has named Golf Ventures International (GVI) its Caribbean sales agent.

GVI possesses an exceptional network of golf, turf and commercial contacts across the region. Led by international sales manager Scott Jones and his 35 years’ experience, it will help GTE market and sell its pre-owned, “like new” fleet of turf-care equipment from brand leaders like Toro, John Deere, Jacobson and Club Car.

“The Caribbean market is one that continues to show fantastic short- and long-term potential,” says Jones, a member of the Caribbean Hotel Association. “The GTE and GVI agreement makes sense on a host of levels, not the least of which is a shared emphasis on fostering service-oriented corporate cultures.” 

“Until now, the Caribbean hasn’t been a major area of focus for our business,” says Jim Sartain, CEO of GTE. “Adding Scott and GVI to our global roster of contract sales agents gives us a strong presence in an untapped region right at the doorstep of our Florida headquarters.”

Based outside Tampa, GTE showcases 400-600 "like new" machines across several warehouses totaling more than 35,000 sq. ft. Offering savings of up to 50 percent on products, its inventory includes fairway green and rough mowers; top dressers and spreaders; trim mowers; turf aerators, sprayers, vacuums and blowers; utility vehicles and more.

Servicing golf facilities in all 50 states and more than 80 countries, GTE is proud to carry high quality, low hour, off-lease equipment. All machines purchased from GTE have received a thorough inspection of the engine, drive train, electrical system, hydraulic system and cutting units. They also come with a minimum of 50% of reel and tire life remaining, as well as new oil and oil filters, fuel and fuel filters, spark plugs, hydraulic fluid and hydraulic filters, rotary blades, bedknives, and more.

For more information about GTE: / 866.588.3092

For more information about GVI: / 866.853.4653


About Global Turf Equipment

Global Turf Equipment is the world's largest independent seller and exporter of pre-owned golf course machinery, and a fiscally prudent alternative to buying new products. Founded in 2003, GTE purchases mowers, grinders, green rollers and more from short-term leases in partnership with major US financial lending firms. A 35,000-sq. ft. warehouse space serves private club, resort and daily-fee golf course clients in all 50 states and more than 80 countries worldwide. Featured brands include Toro, Jacobsen, John Deere and Club Car.

About Golf Ventures International

Golf Ventures International (GVI) is a complete supply company for the golf, sports turf and hospitality industries in the Caribbean, Central and South America. Based in Lakeland, Fla., it specializes in solving the unique needs of its international customers through expertise in fertilizer, foliar nutrition, chemical, specialty products, seed, and hard goods. GVI ensures customers receive the best possible service and agronomic support.


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