Golf Ventures Adds CrossOver Calcium Silicate to Product Line

Golf Ventures Adds CrossOver Calcium Silicate to Product Line Golf Ventures 1/26/2018 11:30:00 AM
Crossover Turf

Golf Ventures, Inc. is proud to add CrossOver by Harsco Minerals to our line of turf grass and landscaping products to clients throughout Florida and the Caribbean. This innovative product delivers granular calcium and silica to plants, which strengthens plants and increases disease resistance. CrossOver has been shown to provide a longer-term solution to adjust PH, replenish calcium, and combat acidic soils than liquid additives.

Golf Ventures, Inc. prides itself on offering the highest quality golf course, sports turf, and landscaping maintenance products to clients. Starting January 2, 2018, the company is distributing CrossOver by Harsco Minerals throughout Florida and the Caribbean. CrossOver is a more effective solution for stabilizing and absorbing soluble sodium in turf grass than competitive products. 

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Glen Thompson, Golf Ventures sales manager, said, “Calcium silicate was first used in the rice market and is very beneficial to plants. CrossOver fills a big gap in the market for us. We are always looking for new, proven quality products to offer our customers, and we’re excited to make CrossOver available to the Florida and Caribbean market.” 

When applied to soil, CrossOver releases silicon, calcium, and magnesium to stimulate the plant’s natural defenses and enhance resistance to salt, diseases, and harmful stressors. Users have found the product to provide longer protection for golf course and sports turf than liquid products. “We have seen that using CrossOver soluble silicon granular product in turf management programs provides many unique soil related benefits and alleviates both environmental and biological stresses. In simple terms, the less stress, the healthier the turf grass,” said Jay McCord, Harsco Minerals SE Territory Manager. 

"Harsco Minerals is excited to be working with Golf Ventures for the distribution of CrossOver soluble silicon products. We target solution-oriented, customer-focused distributors, and Golf Ventures is certainly front and center when it comes to offering innovative solutions and taking care of their customers,” said Tania Raugewitz, Harsco Minerals Specialty Fertilizer Sales & Marketing Director.

This product is available in 40 bag pallets and 50 lb. bags and can be ordered online or through Golf Ventures sales representatives. Sunniland Corporation provides warehousing and delivery services.


Golf Ventures Inc. is Florida’s complete maintenance supply company for the golf course and sports turf industry. Working with select specialty product companies, GVI ensures customers receive the best possible service and agronomic support. GVI understands that each course and turf area is

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