Golf Ventures Adds Sand and Topdressing Product Lines

Golf Ventures Adds Sand and Topdressing Product Lines Golf Ventures 3/16/2016 11:30:46 AM

Golf Ventures is trusted as the complete maintenance supply company for the golf course and sports turf industry. Lake Jem Farms is a leading provider of sod to golf courses and athletic venues, among other clients. When an opportunity arose for both companies to grow and better serve customers, Golf Ventures and Lake Jem Farms paired their market strengths in an exclusive distribution agreement for custom sand products and Comand topdressing blends.

Glen Thompson, Sales Manager of Golf Ventures, said, "When Lake Jem Farms added sand products to their line and needed a sales force, it made sense for us to take on that role because of our established network in the industry. It adds value to our product line, particularly with the use of Comand, which is a natural product that builds healthier grass through biology instead of chemicals." He added, "Initial research conducted by Dr. Billy Crow indicates Comand suppresses nematodes, so that's exciting for our Florida and Caribbean markets."

Lake Jem Farms has long provided sod to the golf and sports turf industry, so the company saw a natural progression to get into the soil business. "Every golf course and sports complex needs sand," said Tad Geltz, Director of the Golf/Sports Turf Division. Lake Jem Farms contracts with Cemex for the aggregate needs for golf courses, athletic fields, and commercial landscaping. "Cemex is unique in that it has a four-stage classifier to separate grades of sand. We have the ability to order custom-blended sand for greens, topgrassing, and bunkers based on soil analysis." The Comand compost is blended into the sand. Geltz added, "Comand is the first designer compost to hit the Florida market. It provides significant benefits without harming the environment."

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