Golf Ventures Starts Selling The Long Awaited Bayer Indemnify Nematicide

Golf Ventures Starts Selling The Long Awaited Bayer Indemnify Nematicide Golf Ventures 8/15/2016 12:08:25 PM

As of August 15th, 2016 Golf Ventures is taking orders for Bayer Indemnify™ – a new, game-changing innovation that delivers preventative and curative nematode control without costly course closures or undesirable application methods. Use Indemnify on all areas of the golf course as well as non-golf turf areas such as sports fields and residential turf.

Effective on Sting, Root Knot, Anguina pacificae, and many other species of nematodes, Indemnify is designed for flexibile application anytime nematodes are active and allows turf managers the opportunity to achieve premier nematode management.  Indemnify is a nematicide that blocks cellular respiration resulting in the paralysis and death of the nematode. The needle-like appearance of paralyzed nematodes is a typical response.

“In the turf industry we have suffered since Nemacur was taken off of the market” said Glen Thompson, director of sales at Golf Ventures.  “Nematodes have been a huge problem and the quality of greens in Florida has steadily dropped. Golf Ventures is proud to represent Bayer and Qualipro with the new technology that they have registered in Florida to combat Nematodes. Indemnify and Nimitz will raise the quality of greens to meet high expectations in the turf market.   Superindendents will be able to give golfers the perfect green conditions they are looking for. “

Nimitz®, from Qualipro, released earlier this year, is a highly efficacious nematicide providing new and safer ways to control plant-parasitic nematodes with simple application features and unprecedented user safety.  As a ‘true nematicide’, Nimitz causes irreversible nematicidal activity resulting in pest mortality within 48 hours.  

Indemnify and Nimitz orders are fulfilled through Helena Chemical Company, the industry leader for turfgrass professional product needs.

Indemnify is available in single 17oz bottles, or in a case of 4 17oz bottles.   Nimitz Pro G is available in 40lb buckets.  Contact your Golf Ventures territory manager for more information on Indemnify or Nimitz products.

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