Green Toes SS

SKU: 51009BRN021-BRA | Brand: Brandt

12 x 1 qt

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Spray Pattern Indicator

Super Concentrated Temporary Green Colorant

The use of Brandt Green Toes SS eliminates overlapping or skipping of areas. Brandt Green Toes SS is designed for use on rights of ways, golf courses, parks, or any other sports turf or commercial spray application. Brandt Green Toes SS may also be used to enhance hydroseeding or straw/hay tacking mulch application.

  Great for use with herbicides, fungicides and pesticides
  Eliminates overlapping or skipping of areas
  May be used with all types of spray equipment
  May be used to enhance hydroseeding

Turf Application: Brandt Green Toes SS may be added to water based spray solutions at the rate of 6 to 10 ounces per each 100 gallons of spray solutions
Hydroseeding and Mulch Slurries: To enhance visibility of hydroseeding and mulch slurries, add
1 bottle (quart) to slurry tank to color 500-800 gallons. Add Brandt Green Toes SS before adding mulch to the tank

Packaged: 12 x 1 quart